name: NYANET

aut-num: AS198342

as-set: AS198342:AS-MEOW

route-set: AS198342:RS-MEOW

refs: RIPE, PeeringDB,





A small hobbynet managed by femsci: a self-employed yet-unemployed silly Polish student. My interests span from software engineering and advanced networking through electronic engineering and amateur radio; abstract algebra, and finally ending on chemistry, especially organic and analytical chem. I am striving to establish a community network for hosting small projects instead of using cloud providers.

Peering policy

This network exercises an open peering policy. Currently, I have no direct access to IXPs, but I can peer via tunnels and provide own tunnels on request.

To establish a peering session, you must satisfy the requirements:

For peering requests, contact me at peering﹫


You can contact me via my email, Discord, Telegram, Matrix, or on fedi. I am open to general communication or requests for networking support.

If you ever wanted to support the development of this small network, you could make a donation via Liberapay or get me some caffeine :3.